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Q- What is a Tremol-No™ ?
A- The Tremol-No™ is a patented device that is added to an electric guitar equipped with a tremolo/vibrato unit. It allows guitarists to turn their tremolo unit "on" (so they can raise or lower the pitch of the note with the tremolo unit) or "off" (where the tremolo unit doesn't move at all; no lowering or raising of the note pitch via the tremolo system).

Q- Will the Tremol-No™ fit on any/all guitars?
A- The Tremol-No™ will work on almost every tremolo equipped guitar built since 1954. The rule of thumb is: If you've got 2, 3, 4 or 5 springs in the back of your guitar, you can probably install a Tremol-No™ in it.
If you have questions about a certain trem, or something that's non-standard, please feel free to contact us. Include front and back pictures of the guitar and of the tremolo unit.

Q- What the heck is the "Deep-C™"?
A- The Deep-C™ is an accessory that comes with every Tremol-No™ unit. When locked in place, the Deep-C™ allows full floating tremolos to function as 'dive-only' tremolos. Just like the Tremol-No™, it installs with no modifications to the guitar, and can be slipped on in under a minute. For example, your fully floating trem can now be full floating, or 'dive-only', or hardtail. Changing between the three takes mere seconds.

Q- I'm a 7-string player. Will the Tremol-No™ work on my guitar?
A- Oh yeah.

Q- Are there different models for different tremolo systems?
A- Yes. There are (3) models available to fit almost any guitar with a trem. To find out which model works with your tremolo system, click here.
In the future, we plan on releasing models specifically designed for certain tremolos.
The Tremol-No™ will work on almost every trem except: Steinberger™, some Parker™ trems , Bigsby™, Wonderbar™, and Kahler™ 'flat mount' units.

Q- Why do I want a Tremol-No™?
A- The Tremol-No™ was designed with the 'all-around' player in mind.
If you love your tremolo unit, but hate it when double-stops and other pedal steel-type licks don't come out in tune because of the trem, then the Tremol-No™ is the answer.
If you love the feel and/or tone of your favorite electric, but wish it was a hardtail (or 'dive-only') instead, then the Tremol-No™ is the answer.
When the Tremol-No™ is locked, you will not only increase sustain, but also expect an improvement in overall tone as well.
With a Tremol-No™ installed, you can now do all your favorite alternate tunings on guitars you previously couldn't. Yes- even those with full floating trems. Add a Deep-C™ on, and you can drop tune, while still having 'dive-only' trem use.
Last, but certainly not least, is in the event of a string break if your Tremol-No™ and/or Deep-C™ are locked, you'll remain in tune.

Q- It looks complicated. Am I going to have to have a tech install the Tremol-No™ for me?
A- I don't know your personal technical skills, but if you can change the strings on your guitar, you can probably install a Tremol-No™ unit without any difficulty. It requires only simple tools and about 15-20 minutes.

Q- I've seen the other 'trem blocking' things out there. Do I have to drill, route out, sand, start new screw holes, or use double-stick tape with the Tremol-No™ unit?
A- Absolutely Not! The Tremol-No™ will install with no drilling, no routing, no sanding, no pilot holes, nor any double-stick tape. It is designed to be installed without any modifications to the guitar. Put it on your rare '57, or on your new $99 super-store special. It can be installed, and removed, non-invasively.
To view a comparison chart of the Tremol-No™ and some other trem blocking products,
click here.

Q- Will the Tremol-No™ affect the 'feel' of my trem unit?
A- No. Unlike some other trem-blocking devices out there, the Tremol-No™ is not spring-loaded so it won't change how your trem feels when you use the bar.

Q- I like what I see and hear so far. Where can I buy a Tremol-No™ for my guitar?
A- All (3) models are available from AllParts as well as from any of their dealers and distributors worldwide. Click on the "Where To Buy" link at the top of the page for a listing of US and International distributors and dealers.

Q- I want to be a Tremol-No™ endorsee. How do I become one?
(Actual emails: "I can play way better than XXXX and YYYY. Gimme one.", "I eat guys like Paul Gilbert for breakfast, and right now I'm *very hungry*...")
A- Click the link at the bottom of the page entitled "Employment & Endorsements " and follow the instructions. There are an extremely limited number of available units, so make it count folks.

Q- That's all well & good, but can the Tremol-No™ open a beer?
A- I'm glad you asked. Click Here to find out.

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Bigsby is a registered trademark of Bigsby Accessories
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Ibanez is a registered trademark of Hoshino-Gakki Ltd., Japan
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Paul Gilbert is just plain cool.


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