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Comparison Chart of Tremolo Locking Devices


Schaller® Device

Brass Device
Drilling/routing required for installation? NO Yes Yes
Tech required to install? NO Recommended by manufacturer No
Offers Hardtail/Fixed Bridge Mode? YES Yes Yes
Offers Dive-Only Mode? YES Yes No
Ability to use tremolo to lower pitch (dive) with drop tunings? YES Yes No
Selectable pitch raising capability? YES Yes No
Spring Loaded? NO Yes No
Works with vintage style tremolos? YES Yes Optional
Works with Floyd-type tremolos? YES With correct 'sustain clip' (+$$$) Yes
Ability to select "mode" without tools? YES No N/A
Ability to turn 'on'/'off' without tools? YES Yes Yes
Works with all string gauges? YES .009's: Yes
.010's & .011's: Requires purchase of 'power springs' (+$$$).
.012's and above: No
Works with 7-string guitars? YES Information not available Yes
Materials Used? T-6063 Aircraft Aluminum & 304 Stainless Steel Stamped Steel and Brass Brass and Steel



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