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Tremol-No™ Players
Click on thumbnail or player name for larger image and to read what these players have to say about the Tremol-No™.

Paul Allender

Guitarist for Cradle Of Filth

Rob Balducci

Favored Nations Recording Artist

Big Nasty

Guitarist for Tin Henry

Brian Calvert


Steve Blucher


Ken Burtch

Independent 7-string Artist

Michael J. Boe

(aka-BammBamm) Guitarist for DNR

Dino Cazares

Divine Heresy

Chris Childress

Melanie Susuras Band

Rusty Cooley

Lion Music Recording Artist, Dean Endorsee, Chops From Hell Instructor, Guitar Player Magazine Columnist, Guitarist for 'Outworld'

Carlo DeDios

Independent Artist

Ed DeGenaro

Product Specialist-
THD Electronics

Jim Donahue

Owner- Noah James Guitars

Iain Ewen

Independent Artist

Jon Finn

Recording Artist, Berklee College of Music Guitar Dept.faculty, Guitarist for Boston Pops Orchestra, Author for Mel Bay Publications

Adam Fox

Producer, Artist, President of Defiant Records

Jeremy Ferguson

Owner- LGM Guitars

John Frye

Guitar Instructor- Bongo Boy Music, Independent Artist

Norm Hammer

Guitarist for Krossfyre

Gary Hoey

Guitarist for...umm...Gary Hoey

Darren Hunt

Wipeout - UK

Harry Jacobson

National Guitar Workshop faculty

G.E. Jones

Independent Artist

Rob Keeler

Music Professor-UMASS, Session Artist

Matt King

Course Of Evolution

Mike Martin

Guitarist for Fozzy, New Yankee All-Stars

Tom McDyne

Independent Artist

James McIlroy

Guitarist for Cradle Of Filth

Gabe Nickelson

Jemfest, Professional Gentlemen Of Leisure

Bob Oakman

National Voice Talent & Owner of BobsBus.com

Fernando Pareta

Independent Artist

Drew Peterson

Independent 7-string Artist

Milan Polak

Guitarist for Falco, Independent Artist

Josh Rand

Guitarist for Stone Sour

Shane Regal

Professional Instructor

Iain Riddle

Guitarist for Pearl

Eric Sands

Eric Sands, Man On Fire

Gary Schutt

Independent Artist

Dennis Secord

The Undercats
Guitar Instructor- Music Center Of South Central Michigan

Butch Slusher

Independent Artist

Dave Weiner

Steve Vai, Dave Weiner Band
Simon Wilkins

Cereal Killer - Australia

Bob Lynch's
Multi-Guitar Review
Jay Ratkowski's
Comprehensive Review
A great quote from
Brent Duersch
Naughty Butterspoon
A fantastic review from
Andy Martin
Ibanez Endorsee
Solo Recording Artist
Neil Citron
Favored Nations Recording Artist
Rich Harris
Ibanez Rules

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