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Installation Instructions:
-Tremol-No™ Installation Manual For Pin Type Tailpiece- HTML
-Tremol-No™ Installation Manual For Clamp Type Tailpiece- HTML

Parts Diagrams:
-Tremol-No™ (Pin Type Tailpiece)- HTML
-Tremol-No™ (Clamp Type Tailpiece)- HTML

Replacement Parts:
-TS-01 thumbscrews (3 pack)- via AllParts
-CT-07 Rear tailpiece (for Pin-type)- via AllParts

Tremol-No™ Cavity Cover Templates: NOTE: Cavity cover templates are NOT actual size.
All dimensions are in millimeters.
-Tremol-No™ SuperStrat®-style 6-String Plate- JPEG
-Tremol-No™ SuperStrat®-style 7-String Plate- JPEG
-Tremol-No™ Vintage-style 6-String Plate- JPEG
-Tremol-No™ "Mr. Reed-Smith"-style 6-String Plate- JPEG

Technical Information:
Specification Sheet- HTML

EMAIL: support@tremol-no.com

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